Deep down in the Costa Rican jungle lies the newest and most extreme tour yet: The Gravity falls canyoning tour is full of adventure and extreme challenge.
The tour starts off with a rappel along the edge of a thundering 140-ft waterfall. When you reach the bottom you’ll have to jump into the deep pool and swim your way into shore.
Then, you’ll be faced with a series of cliff jumps ranging from a 10-ft technical jump to a 30-ft jump off another waterfall. Throughout the adventure you will have opportunities to swim, river-float, down-climb, hike and maneuver your way through the rustic canyon. After the tour, you’ll share your stories with your group over fresh tropical fruit, beers and water before heading on your way to a local restaurant for a typical Costa Rican lunch.

Find out What to Bring and What’s Included in Gravity Falls.



 140ft Rappel


This 140ft waterfall is a breathtaking site and it is even more amazing when you are rappelling down the adjacent rock face. This waterfall is one of the highest for rappelling in Costa Rica, and its so high that you will have plenty of time to practice (or learn) rappelling and scaling techniques. You can scale down with your feet, releasing the rope little by little; or go ahead and jump out catching yourself with your legs as you move more freely down the rock face. Don’t be afraid to stop, hang out, and just soak in your surroundings. For a lot of people, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you reach the bottom, you will be welcomed by a cool pool of water where you will be released from your rope and can swim into shore. The water is cool, but the adrenaline rush will keep you warm.
Once the rest of your group has finished, gather around for a group photo shoot in front of this towering waterfall. Then, go on your way to the 15-ft waterfall jump.



 15ft Waterfall Jump


This is just a short walk away from the previous 140ft rappel, so you’ll still be super pumped up for some more action. This 15-ft cliff makes up one side of a canyon, sandwiching a narrow river that a small waterfall feeds into. You will be jumping out into the refreshing river where you will feel the power of the waterfall pushing you into shore. Don’t forget to smile (or scream) because there will be a photographer sitting on the other side of the river, waiting to capture a photo of you in mid-air.

 Canyon Exploration


Exploring the canyon is an important part of the experience because it allows you to take a break from the heart-pumping action of the waterfall jumping. As this is a pristine river canyon, you will have to negotiate your way throughout this natural “obstacle course”: hike, swim, climb, river-wade, and cliff-scale in order to get to the remaining jumps. Although you are “taking a break” you will be faced with different types of challenges and opportunities for teamwork. Stay as a group in order to help each other get through the more difficult-to-maneuver areas of the canyon.

 10 ft White Water Technical Jump


This 10ft jump isn’t very high but some say it’s the most challenging. It takes place on the edge of a large rock sitting at the end of white water rapids. Your guide will strap himself to a rope and walk you to the very edge of the cliff. This is a very technical jump – you must jump between narrow canyon walls into white water, exactly in the spot that the guides indicate. You will be surprised at how well you can you can aim. There will be a guide waiting for you at the bottom who will help you safety reach the resting point where you can relax and applaud the rest of your group.

 Canyon Float


One of the most relaxing parts of the Gravity Falls experience is the river float. Stand at the edge of the rock shore and fall backwards into the river. The current is strong but slow, allowing you to float on your back through this jaw-dropping, tunnel-like canyon. Here, we invite you to just relax and listen to the sounds of the river and the roaring sounds of the jungle . Look up and pay attention to the arched tree canopy with bits of sky peeking through, hanging jungle vines, and the smooth stone walls. This section offers great opportunity for the photographer to snap another group shot in paradise. The float will eventually bring you to shore where you’ll stand back up and get ready for more action.

 30 ft Jump


When you reach the top of this puppy, dont be surprised if someone in your group says “Holy Sh^%”.It may not look as high when you are at the bottom, but when you are on top, it looks massive. You’ll be standing on the edge, right beside a powerful waterfall. The guide will point out to the foamy white waters below the waterfall, indicating that is where you should jump. He’ll start counting.. Dont think, just follow his count and 1… 2…3..JUMP. This time you will be filmed so you better go for it! When you are at the bottom, swim to the rock island and cheer on the rest of your group. If you are lucky, the guides will show off their jumping tricks at the end before heading on your way.


You’ll stop at a natural swimming hole where you can relax and swim around, take pictures in the “skull cave” or talk about your adventure. You will then walk up through the steep canyon, receiving one last work out. Back at the Jungle limo the guides will cut up some well deserved fresh fruit, beer, fruit juice and water. And when you are ready, jump back into the Jungle Limos and drive 20 minutes to have a delicious, Costa Rican-style lunch in a local restaurant.

 Gravity Falls Operation

9:00am Departure from the Desafío headquarters in the center of La Fortuna.
9:30am Arrival to a local restaurant to use the washroom and grab a snack if you want.
10:30am Board our Desafío Jungle Limos and make your way up the steep mountains of La Vieja until we reach the the start of Gravity Falls. Keep in mind that you are on an expedition and you will be out in the wild with no facilities from here on out!
10:45am Receive a complete safety talk and practice on a small rappel.
1:30pm Finish off the tour with fresh fruit, beers and bottles water.
2:00pm Head to the local restaurant to change into your dry clothes and have lunch at one of our favorite local “sodas” for a filling, traditional Costa Rican meal.
3:30am Return to La Fortuna