This 140ft waterfall is a breathtaking site and it is even more amazing when you are rappelling down the adjacent rock face. This waterfall is one of the highest for rappelling in Costa Rica, and its so high that you will have plenty of time to practice (or learn) rappelling and scaling techniques. You can scale down with your feet, releasing the rope little by little; or go ahead and jump out, catching yourself with your legs as you move more freely down the rock face. Don’t be afraid to stop, hang out, and just soak in your surroundings. For a lot of people, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you reach the bottom, you will be welcomed by a cool pool of water where you will be released from your rope and can swim into shore. The water is cool, but the adrenaline rush will keep you warm.
Once the rest of your group has finished, gather around for a group photo shoot in front of this towering waterfall. Then, go on your way to the 15-ft waterfall jump.

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