Suresh Krishnan originally came to Costa Rica in search of the best place to go white water rafting. Since then he met his wife, Christine Larson-Krishnan, started his family, an together transformed their small rafting company into a full-fledged adventure company called Desafio Adventure Company.

A few years ago, they thought “what’s next for Desafio?”. Being a true adventurist and expedition enthusiast himself , Suresh decided to open a new canyon. But this time, it is EXTREME.

This is how he found it: It was recommend by a friend to check out a canyon that the locals used to visit for really good rustic waterfall jumping.
After Suresh took his first waterfall jump, he was in love. He excitedly pointed into the deep jungle abyss and said “well, what’s down there?” No one knew. So soon after he put together a group of Desafio explorers and together with their helmets, harnesses and ropes, explored the canyon for the very first time. “It was so magical and perfect. I just wanted to share it with the world” said Suresh.


And indeed this canyon is magical and perfect. It has so many great elements to it and since it is made from nature, every part of the adventure is different. The 140ft waterfall is where you do your first rappel. Its so high that it gives you enough time to practice (or learn) your technical rappelling skill. You can scale down with your feet, releasing the rope little by little; or jump out and catch yourself as you move down more freely. You will be welcomed at the end by a cool pool of water where you will be released from your rope and can swim in to shore. The water is cool, but the adrenaline is hot. From then on, you’ll experience a 15 ft jump, another smaller but more technical jump at 10 ft, and then the largest one of about 30ft, called the “El Desafio”. Are you up for the challenge?

But the tour is not all about these major adrenaline-igniting events: In order to reach these, you have to do some adventuring. The canyon is full of river floats, swimming in deep pools, cliff scaling, and down-climbing. Plus, every step of the way you have got to remember that you are in the wild Costa Rican jungle surrounded by Blue Morpho butterflies, wild animals, birds and amazing green jungle vegetation. You are also many miles away from any civilization.

The guides are all experts in their craft and know the canyon like the back of their hand. They help you, but still make you feel like you are just a group of friends on a jungle expedition.

This canyon is not for the faint of heart. Explorers need to be in good physical condition and be willing to take a leap of faith. Although there are ways to walk around each jump or rappel, we highly recommend just “going for it” in order to make the most out of the experience.

The Gravity Falls Operation

9:00am Departure from the Desafío headquarters in the center of La Fortuna.
9:30am Arrival to a local restaurant to use the washroom and grab a snack if you want.
10:30am Board our Desafío Jungle Limos and make your way up the steep mountains of La Vieja until we reach the the start of Gravity Falls. Keep in mind that you are on an expedition and you will be out in the wild with no facilities from here on out!
10:45am Receive a complete safety talk and practice on a small rappel.
1:30pm Finish off the tour with fresh fruit, beers and bottled water.
2:00pm Head to the local restaurant to change into your dry clothes and have lunch at one of our favorite local “sodas” for a filling, traditional Costa Rican meal.
3:30am Return to La Fortuna