Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping


The Gravity Falls Experience

Deep down in the Costa Rican jungle lies the newest and most extreme tour yet: Gravity falls Waterfall Jumping canyoning tour is full of adventure and extreme challenge.
The tour starts off with a rappel along the edge of a thundering 140-ft waterfall. When you reach the bottom you’ll have to jump into the deep pool and swim your way into shore.
Then, you’ll be faced with a series of cliff jumps ranging from a 10-ft technical jump to a 30-ft jump off another waterfall. Throughout the adventure you will have opportunities to swim, river-float, down-climb, hike and maneuver your way through the rustic canyon. After the tour, you’ll share your stories with your group over fresh tropical fruit, beers and water before heading on your way to a local restaurant for a typical Costa Rican lunch…READ MORE



The History of Gravity Falls

Suresh Krishnan originally came to Costa Rica in search of the best place to go white water rafting. Since then he met his wife, Christine Larson-Krishnan, started his family, an together transformed their small rafting company into a full-fledged adventure company called Desafio Adventure Company.
A few years ago, they thought “what’s next for Desafio?”. Being a true adventurist and expedition enthusiast himself , Suresh decided to open a new canyon. But this time, it is EXTREME…READ MORE


Meet the Founder

Suresh Krishnan started Desafio Adventure Company over 20 years ago after falling in love with the Arenal region’s many rivers. Here is an up-close look at his journey to owning one of the largest tour companies in Costa Rica…READ MORE