• The Gravity Falls Experience

    The Gravity Falls Experience

    Gravity Falls is Costa Rica’s newest and most extreme tour yet. You’ll get to cliff jump, rappel, swim, down-climb, and hike through a series of obstacles with local canyoneering experts who will lead you through this intense waterfall canyon…

  • Canyoneering COMBO Tours

    Canyoneering COMBO Tours

    We’ve paired the Gravity Falls canyoning tour with some of the best tours in Costa Rica. You’ll save time, money and have a worry-free adventurous day with all of the details taken care of like transportation and meals.

  • Canyoning Vacation Packages

    Canyoning Vacation Packages

    Explore some of the best canyons in Costa Rica, including Gravity Falls with our all-inclusive 3-7 day canyoning vacation packages. We provide the transportation, activities, hotels and even some meals. All you have to do is just sit back, relax, and prepare for some serious adventure.

  • All Canyoneering Tours

    All Canyoneering Tours

    Gravity Falls may be the most extreme canyons but it’s not the only one in Costa Rica. Check out the other amazing canyons of a variety of levels that are spread out over the country like Desafio’s family-friendly, Lost Canyon.

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Be one of the first to try Gravity Falls, the most EXTREME tour in Costa Rica. Rappel, cliff jump, hike, swim and down-climb in a remote rainforest canyon. Our guides are highly trained and certified to provide the best and most extreme tour in Costa Rica.